Texts have been published in various formats including catalogue essays, magazine articles, conference papers and lectures. The texts explore themes related to contemporary practice, often relating to work by women artists.

Seminar series at the UCA have been developed with second year students through a successive series of topics, including 'Aura, Entropy, Informe and Abjection'; 'Interpretations of Perception from Descartes and Kant to Lacan and Klein'; 'Theories of Fetishism in Marx, Freud and Baudrillard'; Archival Forms in Contemporary Practice and Defining Materialities: Material, Materialist, Immaterial, Dematerialised.

Published Texts

2021 Weaving and Resistance in Hana Miletić's Patterns of Thrift, Third Text On-line, http://www.thirdtext.org/key-hanamiletic

2020 Edward Chell: Common Ground, Third Text: www.thirdtext.org/key-chell

2020 Lynne Marsh 'Taking Positions': History as Context, Tintype Gallery, London

2020 Clyde Hopkins: Abstraction as Experience, Journal of Contemporary Painting, Intellect Journals

2020 Forthcoming: The Ethics of Small Abstract Painting in the Anthropocene Age, in 'Ethical Materialities in Art and Moving Images' ed. Silke Panse, forthcoming: Bloomsbury Academic, New York

2020 Forthcoming: Painting as Spatio-Collaborative Activity in 'Embroidery', www.cullinanrichardscollapse.com, issue 2

2019 Olga Jevrić Sculptures, 1950-1970, in 'Olga Jevrić', PEER and Ridinghouse, to accompany exhibitions PEER and Handel Street Projects, London, June - October 2019

2018 Readymade or Handmade?, Craft, Documents of Contemporary Art, ed. Tanya Harrod, Whitechapel Gallery London and MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts

2018 Of Objecthood and Anthropomorphism, Edwina Leapman, visit to the studio 17 April 2012, Journal of Contemporary Painting Volume 4 Number 2

2018 [ ] Relations, in '[ ] Still : Now, Moyra Derby, Nicky Hamlyn, Conor Kelly, Joan Key, Jost Munster', Tintype Gallery, London

2017 Ed Chell, Bloom, Third Text Online

2016 Jost Münster's New Paintings, Notes for Jost Münster exhibition 'New Neighbours', Tintype Gallery

2014 Sponge Totem, in /seconds, issue 14, 'Haunted Technologies' ed. Peter Lewis, published by Redux

2013 Neither Painting nor Sculpture: 'Prosthetics, Props, Mechanical Devices', conference paper 'Limber: Spatial Painting Practices', University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury, 5th October, curators Jost Munster and Cherry Smyth, contributors Maxence Alcade; Michael Archer; Dominic Rahtz; Audrey Reynolds; Stephen Wilson

2013 Amikam Toren: Empiric or Picturesque, in Turps Banana, Issue 12, London

2012 The Politics of Community Collaboration Through Craft, The Website of the Journal of Modern Craft, Brazil

2012 Ana Nepomuceno and Collaborative Practice, The Website of the Journal of Modern Craft, Brazil

2012 Craft re-published in on-line Journal of Modern Craft, with complementary text 'Work and Craft' V&A London and Yale University

2011, Painting as Praxis, re-printed in 'Painting', Documents of Contemporary Art, ed. Terry R. Myers, Whitechapel Gallery London and MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts

2010 Star Trek, /seconds, issue 12, 'Going Underground, the Cruel Scene of the Image', eds. Pete Lewis and Derek Horton, Leeds Metropolitan University

2009 Future Use: Abstract Painting, in Third Text, 'Art a Vision of the Future', issue 5, volume 23, September

2009 Fuzzy Logic in, /seconds, issue 8, eds. Pete Lewis and Derek Horton, Leeds Metropolitan University

2008 Vanishing Point (What Vanished?) in, /seconds, issue 7, eds. Pete Lewis and Derek Horton, Leeds Metropolitan University

2008 Artists and Artisans Review of John Roberts, 'The Intangibilities of Form: Skill and Deskilling in Art After the Readymade', in Art Monthly no. 314, March, London.

2007 Multitude, in 'Handbook for Disobedience', /seconds, issue 6, eds. Pete Lewis and Derek Horton, Leeds Metropolitan University

2007 Daughter-Artists (Oh (m)other!) Review of "Women Artists at the Millenium", eds Carol Armstrong and Catherine de Zegher, October Books, in Art Monthly no.307, June, London

2007 Painting as Praxis, catalogue essay for Pavel Buchler Absentmindedwindowgazing, Kunsthalle Berne, Van Abbe Museum and Veenman publishers.
2007, Painting as Praxis, also published in Third Text, issue 4, volume 21, July, Routledge and Keegan Paul, London.

2004 Interview, with Sharon Kivland in "The Surface of the Image (Resistance to Illusion), Transmission, Speaking and Listening Volume 2" pp94-103, Sheffield Hallam University/Site Gallery.

2004 Annie Whitehead Interview, Upbeat Magazine, Centre for Young Musicians, London

2000 Music/Painting, in Art for All? Their Policies, Our Culture, eds. Mark Wallinger and Mary Warnock, Peer Trust, London

2000 Man/Cello, catalogue essay for "Jayne Parker, Filmworks 79-00", Spacex Gallery, Exeter

1999 Furniture, catalogue essay, Richard Salmon Gallery, London

1999 Against the Sublime, Cast Iron objections to Filmic Projections: installations by Judith Cowan and Susan Trangmar, in "Aura", Act Journal 5, Pluto Press, London.

1997 Readymade or Handmade, in "Craft" exhibition catalogue, Richard Salmon Gallery, London. This text also formed the basis of a conference paper, Craft as Evil, with Roy Voss, Janis Jefferies and Paul Heber-Percy, Kettles Yard Gallery.
2012 Re-printed in edited version, Journal of Modern Craft, V&A London and Yale University

1997 A Rae In Cyberspace, in "Art and Technology", ACT Journal 4, Pluto Press, London

1997 Speaking In the Neuter: Susanna Solano and Kiki Smith, in "MAKE the Magazine of Women's Art", August/September issue 75, London

1997 Light, text to accompany Richard Salmon Gallery touring exhibition, London

1996 Plastic, introduction to the exhibition catalogue, Richard Salmon Gallery touring exhibition, London

1996 The Awakening Conscience, in "Beautiful Translations", ACT Journal 2, paper originally presented at the conference of the same name, organised by Peer Trust, and The Tate Gallery, May 1995, including presentatations by Derek Wallcott, George Steiner, Bracha Ettinger-Lichtenberg and Jean Paul Martinon.

1996 No Time for Commas in the Work of Lucia Nogueira, in "MAKE: The Magazine of Contemporary Woman's Art", issue 72

1996 Prunella Clough, the Metamorphosis of Attrition, in "MAKE: The Magazine of Contemporary Woman's Art", issue 70. Paper originally prepared for a conference to accompany the exhibition of Prunella Clough's work, The Camden Arts Centre, with Bryan Robertson, 15th June 1996

1996 The Fold Unfolds: Rachel Whiteread and Bridget Riley at Karsten Schubert Gallery, in "Other Than Identity: the Subject, Politics and Art", ed. Juliet Steyn, Manchester University Press.

1995 An Aesthetic of Disappointment: Letters from J to J..., in Act 1, "Writing Art" Pluto Press, London.

1995 Models of Painting Practice: Too Much Body? in "New Feminist Criticism: Critical Strategies", ed. Katy Deepwell, Manchester University Press. This was given as a paper at a Conference held at Morley College: "The Decennial Conference of the Women Artist's Slide Library" entitled "Feminist Art Criticism Into the 1990's", under the auspices of the Arts Council England.
Re-printed in 1999, as catalogue essay for, Partida de Dames, Museo de Bellas Artes, Valencia

1995 An Extract from the Personal Records of Mary-Ann Clay: New York 1966, in Pretext Heteronyms, Rear Window publication, London.

1994-96 Goldsmiths College Textiles Department, MA Programme, an occasional series of unpublished papers were presented including:
Hypnodreamdruff, Georgina Starr at the Tate Gallery New Art Space
They Knitted Braids for Her: Hohenbuchler Sisters at the ICA
Mary Kelly at the ICA and Georgia O'Keefe at the Hayward Gallery
Andrea Fisher and Mona Hatoum at the South London Gallery
Cathy de Monchaux at the Chisenhale Gallery
Jane Harris and Marcia Hafif

1994 Collaboration as a Model, in "Abschied/Arrival", catalogue, British Council, Berlin

1993 Showing Up the Sixties, AND Journal of Art and Education, no 28, London