2021 Fairytale, Herbert Read Gallery, in 'Art in the Pandemic', Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury

2019 After Bauhaus, Curator Ann Sorensen. Screening of Interval, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury, 9th October - 2nd November

2017 Sneak Preview, Curator Angharad Davies. Joan Key and Jayne Parker discuss composition and film, showing Computer Words and Piano Performance for Tania Chen with Jayne Parker's footage of Tania in rehearsal, shot at Steinway Studio

2016 Belgique and Secret in 'Drive Thru', Q Park underground car park, Cavendish Square, curated by Stephan Blumer and Peter Fillingham, London, 8th October

2016 Piano Words and Interval A/B in '{ } Interval live-install', Whitstable Biennale,10th June

2016 Piano Performance with Jayne Parker, in 'Contact: A Festival of New Experimental Film and Video', programme curated by Andrew Vallance and Simon Payne, Apiary Studios, London, 6th - 8th May

2016 Piano Performance with Jayne Parker, in Sam Bellinfante 'On the One Hand and the Other', Camden Arts Centre, London, 16th January

2015 Collaborators 4, Piano Performance, Jayne Parker: Film, Joan Key: Composition, Tania Chen: Performance, Roaming Room, London, 28th October - 5th December

2004 Dept B, no.1, Film and Sound project, with pupils of Pimlico School Special Music Department, double screen projection, for soundtrack composed in collaboration with Richard Emsley and Tim Parkinson, Installation David Leister, including works by Jayne Parker, John Seth and Anne Tallentire, David Leister, Charlotte Cullinan and Janine Richards, David Ryan and Richard Beard. Bolivar Hall, London July 6th.

2004 Film/Song Installation, collaborative work with Jayne Parker, Byam Shaw, University of the Arts London programme: double screen projection with sound, 4th November

2003 Cinesthesia Slide installation (Canary Wharf sequence) and live video link, with film by Jayne Parker, to accompany performance by Sarah Nicolls and Lore Lixenberg, of George Crumb "The Apparition". Purcell Room, South Bank, London, Thursday 20th March