2019 Abstract Words, composition for 11 instruments, performed by Laurence Crane - piano with 2 e-bows, Lara Agar – violin, Katie Macdonald and Sam Gooderham – flutes, Rob Crehan - harmonica, Sylvia Lim - vocals and finger cymbals, Mark Limacher - vocals and cardboard tube, Nilufar Habibian – kanun, Patrick Hegarty - electric guitar with e-bow, Miguel Picciochi - guitar with e-bow, Christian Drew – accordion, 8th February, Collaborators Programme, Beatrice Gibson Crone Music, Camden Arts Centre

2018 Interval [ ] Still : Now Event, 22nd March, Tintype, London

2016 Duet for Clarinet and Flute, London Festival of Women in Music: New Music by Women Composers, arranged by Ian Mitchell, I'klectik Art-Lab, 8th March, performed by Ian Mitchell and Simon Desorgher

2015 For Two Bass Clarinets Drawing towards Sound: Visualising the Sonic, 18th March, The Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, London

2012 Linear Structures, performed by Anton Lukoszevieze, cello, and Louisa Love, 5th November, Herbert Read Gallery, Caterbury

2011 From To Trio for Violin Viola and Cello, Time Out First Thursday Event, Nunnery 6th December, 'Graphic Scores', programme curated by Tim Parkinson.

2010 Splash form for Violin and Cello, 'Incidentally' Time Out First Thursday Event, Nunnery, 6th May, performed by Anton Lukoszevieze and Angharad Davies

2009 Performance for Tania Chen, performed by Tania Chen, Cafè Oto, London, February

2008 On Instructions from MD, a composition for six performers, commissioned and performed by Apartment House for "Sound Waves Festival", organised by BMIC, Brighton Pavilion Theatre, 21st June

2007 For Two Bass Clarinets, Kettle's Yard New Music Programme, David Ryan and Ian Mitchell, Kettles Yard, 27th May

2005 Les Merveilles du Monde: Evening Performance, Anton Lukoszevieze and Lore Lixenberg, Musee des Beaux Arts, Dunkerque, 25th June

2004 Mozart in Cambodia, a collaborative work with the composer Keith Gifford, performed at the Reid Theatre, Imperial College, by musicians from Apartment House, and Lore Lixenberg, voice

2003 New Music for Winds, Concert 5, two pieces for bass clarinets, performed by David Ryan and Ian Mitchell, Regents Hall, London

2002 Still/s 1, collaborative composition with Richard Emsley, based on a series of notation paintings. Commissioned by Celia Davies of the De la Warr Pavilion for a performance of "White" compositions, selected and performed by Anton Lukoscevieze. This work was also performed at the Haus Constructiv, Zurich, in the contemporary music festival of the same year. Richard Emsley has continued to develop works on this theme and numbers 1-6 were presented in "Music We'd Like to Hear", a concert organised by Tim Parkinson at St Anne and St Agnes Church, City of London, 2nd July 2008.

2002 OB/BO Performance, SLG Live, South London Gallery. Performance of texts and drawings, by David Ryan, bass clarinet; Anton Lukoszevieze, cello; and Lore Lixenberg, voice, with film and video installation in collaboration with Jayne Parker, London September 3rd

2001 C/O Song and other notations, Richard Salmon Gallery, Anton Lukoszevieze cello. Supported by the Arts Council. Video recording by Jayne Parker

2001 Words for Harp, text work with music, commissioned by Apartment House for performance at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, tribute to Cornelius Cardew concert, with Rhodri Davies, Harp

2001 Evening Performance, Performance of the drawings by Lore Lixenberg and Anton Lukoszevieze. Performance commissioned by Ingrid Swenson, PEER Trust, Shoreditch Town Hall, 6th April